We had just lost Chico, a favorite cat who was black and had lots of personality. After awhile I mentioned to my husband that it would be nice to get a kitten, a Siamese. My first cat was a Siamese. Soon after I happened to look out my front door and to my surprise saw a Siamese kitten playing near the tire of my car. She saw me and took off. During the next week I got reports of sightings from my neighbor, who takes care of some feral cats. She had a feral cat, Smokey, that lived on her porch for years. Well this Siamese kitten was spending some time visiting Smokey. My neighbor advertised but no owners appeared. My husband and I decided to trap Sophie and give her a home. I borrowed a "have a heart trap" but the day before we could trap her, we learned she had injured her leg. We did catch her and I took her to my vet. She was scared but as she got out of the trap I was able to pet her (for the first time) briefly. She had a broken leg and due to my Vet's expert surgery, (he said it was like sticking a pin in a chicken wing bone), her leg healed wonderfully. For awhile she did look funny running around with her cast, although this didn't slow her down any. Now she is a beautiful Siamese mix, who loves to play with water and is mesmerized by the fish in our aquariums. She is very loveable, sleeping with us and being around wherever we are. She has an amusing habit of softly growling if she sees anyone walking by outside, even us! Also if we are gone on vacation she will hide when we come in the door. She tends to be skittish. We are so happy she has come to live with us, in August of 2012. She is a good cat buddy to our other cats. She is such a delight, a queen bee, her name, Sophie is a good fit!
Susan Bragg
Richmond, VA