Spark Day hits the big time!

In 2010 a holiday was created that was inspired by a rescue dog who had much pluck and stamina. At what was surely to be his end, he was rescued by Wetzel County Animal Shelter in New Martinsville, WV and given the name Sparky because the Spark of Life was still present in him; he had not given up. His endurance and kind, appreciative nature inspired a holiday wherein those celebrating do life affirming things to add more kindness and beauty to the world and their communities. Each year Sparky's person would make up little seed packets of Sparky Marigolds mixed with pollinator supporting mixed wildflowers to send to the people who wanted to share in this holiday. Over the years Spark Day has spread like seeds on the wind and has grown. Last year people in 19 states and three European countries celebrated! It spread so much that the company who carries the Sparky Marigold Mix decided to get involved -- and now they have a special SPARK DAY SEED PACKET available to anyone who wants to join in the celebration and plant beautiful flowers that last and last -- like Sparky! American Meadows has the story of Spark Day on their site and surely this means that the message of Spark Day, animal rescue, and compassionate caring will reach many, many more people this year and in the future. Spark Day has hit the big time! And it was all inspired by a little old down on his luck dog. :)
Michele Krause
Huntington, NY