Sparkles (later named Tanner) the lost Siamese kitten

One summer afternoon my nephew, Kyle, called to say that a kitten had been found on school property in a storage shed. There was no mamma cat around or other kittens. The coach said the kitten had to be taken out as he was closing the shed up, and the kitten would die. Kyle took the kitten, and called me. He wanted to take it out to a farm that he worked at part time. But the kitten was only a couple weeks old, and I knew it wouldn't survive. Kyle's family already had 2 cats, and he couldn't take it. So I brought the kitten home, fed it from a bottle and took it to the vet. It had an infection in it's eyes, and was undernourished. The vet said it looked like a pure bred Siamese. Several days later, my daughter-in-law (JoDee) and my grand-daughter (Kayla) came over to see the "baby". They fell in love with it. They took it home, and Kayla named it "Sparkles".They soon realized "it" was a boy, and she changed his name to "Tanner" after a school friend. Tanner thrived, and grew into a big, beautiful (and mischievous) cat. He has a loving and happy home! Tanner was a lucky kitten!
Peggy Overmeyer
Williamsville, IL