Sparky's Di Carluccio's Story

We are the Di Carluccio's, a family of 7 now! We have four kids: Florence-18, Vincent-11, Sarah-9 and Marilda-2 1/2. We live in the country in our own 4-bed, 2 bath house with 3 cats and 4 goldfish. Our dog Rex died in 2007, he was 13 1/2 and we wanted another dog but were waiting to teach Marilda how to treat animals, she loves them and helps feed the cats. Now, she has a best friend Sparky because she was lonely when the kids went to school. Sparky is a great puppy! He doesn't wine or whimper, he is almost completely potty trained. He sits for treats and is starting to fetch already. He stays by my side outside off the leash in the yard and comes when called. He travels in the car with us and sits for baths. His foster mom Marilyn must have been great with him, because he is great with the kids and cats and most of the training was done before I got him at 3 months. Jill, who set up the adoption, answered all my questions no matter how many emails I sent her. On top of getting a great new family member for my family, I am friends with Jill and Marilyn now. We send emails to each other and they really care to see how Sparky grows up. What an easy and great experience it has been. I got a great dog and best friend for Marilda and made two new great friends. Thank you so much! P.S. I've posted your site on my Facebook and tell everyone about how I got Sparky.
Louise Marie Di Carluccio
Ellenville, NY