Special in the Paint Section

Sixteen years ago I shopped at a just opened Home Depot in a new mall in Santee, CA in the paint section. Under the gallon cans I noticed a 3 or 4 month old Abyssinian type kitty. He came to me easily and I brought him up front where they used to speakerphone to look for an owner. I left my number and took the cat home. Raj has since lived with me as an indoor/outdoor cat in Lakeside, CA then Sandpoint, ID near the Canadian border, Sunland, CA near Los Angeles, and Yuma, AZ where he now is a snowbird moving every winter and spring between Idaho and Arizona. He's outlasted ten other cats by avoiding run-ins with coyotes, cars and snakes. He's a gentleman who keeps his coat immaculate and we tease him because he loves to go upstairs and sleep with Barbie... my daughter's Barbie doll!
Jennifer Harvey
Yuma, AZ