Spica of SPCA

We went to the shelter that day looking for a Peke, since that was the pet I had loved as a teenager. There was this lovely young Siberian Husky female pleading to get out of this noisy hectic place. She took one look at us and said "Those two. I'll take those two please. They will be huge suckers for a husky like me." She was right. We named her SPiCA and she was our best buddy for fifteen years and the first of a long line of Siberians. She traveled everywhere we could take her with us and left a huge hole in our hearts when we had to say goodbye. But that hole has filled in to become a mine of warm and wonderful memories. When it is my turn to approach the Rainbow Bridge, I look forward to feeling that hard head pressed once more against my knees.
Cheryl Dawson
York, PA