Spike Rescued from a Dumpster

We heard a small cry from the dumpster, the only indication that she was alive. She was motionless. She had an obvious head injury, and was bleeding badly. I knew a little about head injuries, and I knew that supportive therapy was about the only treatment option. Poor Spike was just a tiny little thing! She couldn't stand at all, couldn't eat on her own. I started with fluid by mouth, water at first, then adding canned food mixed with water. I had to support her so she was upright. I knew I was fighting an uphill battle. She needed to be fed every few hours, so I took her to work with me and kept her under my desk. Injury to one side of the brain leads to problems on the opposite side. Spike was weak on her right side. She still couldn't stand, but if I propped her up in the cage on her right side, she could manage to eat on her own. Little by little we were able to entice her forward with treats. Just small steps at first. She continued to go to the right. I remember her trying to navigate the hallway, which she conquered because she always had a wall to her right! But put her in an open room, and she would continue to spin in circles. She was still just a little thing, but gaining strength and balance day by day. When she would try to jump on anything, she would still go to the right, thus missing most of the time! (She still jumps a little crooked.) We found Spike in 2002 and she is now the oldest member of our cat family at 15 years.
Barb Beck
Glendale, AZ