Spike's legacy

My beautiful border collie/gsd mix Spike grew very ill in January 2013. He lost 15 lbs in less than a week and was frantic,needed my touch, as we rode in the truck and played ball til the vet. Sadly I hugged him as my vet sent him to the Rainbow Bridge. Before he left I had already rescued Bronx, the rottweiler in the picture, from death row at the Denton pound, and Camelo, the Shar Pei mix in the front center of the picture, half an hour before my local pound was going to euthanize him. Losing Spike still made a huge hole in my heart, he was my border collie, my ball player and the grandkids favorite as he would fetch as long as they would throw. I started networking dogs at shelters shortly before I adopted Camelo in July 2012, and poor Cici had gone into one as a 4 month old pup and was still there at 6 months with a ferocious case of kennel cough and no adopter in sight. After networking her for a month without success on social media, I had fallen in love and i went and adopted her. She is the Doberman mix in the back next to Bronx. In Sept 2014 Bronx had a mast cell tumor removed, it had metastasized. I put him on turmeric paste, and started looking, as I keep a pack of 3 dogs so one can ride with me and no one is lonely. I brought Teddy the border collie mix home from the shelter in January 2015, he is front left in the picture, he is the new ball player. Bravo in front on right, needed a home fast in summer 2015 and all of the rescues were full. Somewhere in the course of fostering and vet visits he became family. And Bronx - he lived through cancer. Spike would be proud of his legacy.
Alice Burkhart
Fort Worth, TX