Starving Pup

I got a call from some friends who knew that sometimes I was involved with dog rescue. They had some rough neighbors who had a baby pit bull that they had tied to a pole with no shelter and were starving it off and on to "make him mean". When I arrived the poor puppy was skin and bones, shaking and cold, I had no choice to remove him and take him home,all the while receiving licks to my face and a tail that wouldn't stop wagging even though he was in a very weakend state. Butch has turned out to be the most sweetest, loving, fun dog I have ever had, plus he has changed the attitude of hundreds of people regarding the nature of pit bulls. He has traveled the US with me incluing Hawaii. As a side note I did return the next day to the original "owners" and told them I had their dog, suggested they clean up their act. They wanted to know if I wanted to buy him! I got a kick out of that, then showed them the pictures I had of Butch's condition and was on my to Humane Society to show them the pictures. Such cruelty to a creature that only wants to love and please. Thanks goodness I had the courage to rescue him that day 10 years ago. He is a blessing.
Lori Singmaster
Ventura, CA