In June 2012 my husband went out of town on a trip. Having the house to myself I decided to take a few days off to catch up around the house. The next morning I went out back and discovered a cat with a tiny grey tabby kitten sheltering in the partially screened in porch. I gave her food and water over the next few days and otherwise stayed out of her way. She was very protective and wasn't having any interaction. On the 4th day she disappeared. I thought she had taken her kitten and found a new place only to hear a tiny sound coming one of the boxes that I had been planning on recycling before finding them there. I was sure she would come back, but by the next day I knew it wasn't happening. It was hard to believe that kittens that tiny could be so fast, but I finally caught her.It turned out that she was only three weeks old. She was born at the neighbors house who gave me baby pictures. My husband took her to the vet who told us we would have to isolate her till she was 12 weeks old since her mom was feral to rule out feline leukemia. We bottle fed her for a little over a week and she thrived. I named her Storm for the Marvel Comics character, because I have to tell you that a feral kitten with no litter to wrestle with is a whole lot to handle during play time.She is worth every scar she gave me. Our Storm is 3 years old now and I have to give a lot of credit to our other cat Boo who was the best big brother ever for socializing her. He had been wanting someone to play with.He got his wish and we feel so fortunate to have her.
Becky V
Tucson, AZ