Stray Kitty At Our Door

One evening last November this beautiful kitty came to our glass front door & peered into our house, which is when we took this photo. We gave her some food & were able to pick her up and hold her--she purred & purred. She was wearing a collar with a bell on it, was very sweet, so we knew she was either lost or abandoned. After many days of "visiting" us, we took her to the vet to be scanned; no chip. She'd follow me around the yard as I gardened with her little bell jingling so we named her Bella. We made a bed for her by the front door with a warming mat in it, which she occupied regularly. We placed dozens of bold, color posters all over the neighborhood hoping her family would find her. After several weeks and no responses, we had her spayed & got her shots. The vet guessed she was about 8 months old & previously had a litter. We already have two inside cats and 7 feral cats we have trapped, neutered and returned to their home outside. My brother visited over Christmas and fell in love with her (look at that face--what's not to love?). After a shopping spree at the pet store for toys, carrier, bed, treats, etc., he took her home with him. She now has a wonderful life with Dale and his aging Beagle, Orbit. They dote on each other (all THREE of them). Don't you love happy endings?
Elverta, CA