Dirty's story started when a friend brought a box of kittens found on the road side to our house. They were covered with fleas and close to death. They were given flea dip and hubby kept trying to scrub streak of grey brown off of one white kittens nose that looked like dirt. By the time he realized the "dirt" was marking he had one very unhappy kitten. He chuckled and said okay you are called Dirty Stripe which became shortened to just Dirty. Unfortunately the other kittens did not make it too much blood lose from fleas but Dirty did and she grew up to be quite the scraper, taking all comers and became queen of the household. Some years later some cat illness came through the area, rural farming community, I do not know to this day what it was it was some 15 years ago but all neighbors and our household lost about 80% of their cats even indoor only. Dirty did get sick but again was sole survivor. Now at 22 in picture she is as active and happy as any kitten and still queen of the roost Survivor still. Some day there will be a huge hole in our lives but not yet, the Dirty Stripe rules still.
Brewster, OH