Sweet Bailey

Every cat and dog I ever had was homeless and some in bad shape. I am down to three cats now , last cat passed away at about sixteen years. I have had six or seven at a time and four dogs . Now I have four cats two males and two females. First place I took any stray was to Vet for check-up spaying and neutering. Bailey is the last cat that found me , he was coming for meals with a young female that looked a lot like him . I trapped the female ,Clover,first then Bailey a couple of weeks later. I don't think he was ever in a house and we know he had a fight with a fox that cost him the tip of his tail.Now he is a sweet loving cat (if you don't comb his tail.) He wasn't himself a few weeks after being caught and I told Vet I think he had diabetes He was tested and I was right. so he is on insulin twice a day and is playing like a kitten. He and Clover still get along well. Our other two just put up with them .
Port Hood, Canada