Sweet Iris

This is Iris' story as told from the shelter we adopted her from. She is the sweetest, goofiest and most lovable girl: 6/11/2013 - Adopted!! 6/10/2013 - Sweet Iris is listed as urgent. We love this baby girl!! 5/31 - So...they are thinking that she is actually about 2ish. Apparently she is a favorite at the shelter right now. 4/19/2013 - After have her picture taken, Glenda described her as sweet with everyone...does really well socially. She said she walked in wagging her tail and went right up to her and licked her face. She said she was super easy going. Hi friends! My name is Iris and I am a shepherd mix. I came to the shelter as a stray, but I zoomed into adoptions because I was such a good girl. I think I won them over because I am just a baby.... and a very sweet one at that. They say they like that I walk to well on my leash and that I am so lovable. I am still a little scared of some of the other doggies here, but I hope that my new family will help me with that. It's important for me to be socialized well, certainly I want to have play dates and go to the dog park and maybe even have a brother or a sister. I keep my space nice and clean (Ms.Marilyn loves me for that!) and I am not really a barker. I am pretty quiet little princess. I can't wait to meet my family. I know they will love me and protect me forever. Love you, Iris Mansfield Animal Shelter Phone: 817-276-4799 407 Industrial Blvd Mansfield, TX 76063 — with Christine Hrachovy Foster.
Christine Foster