Sweet 'n Sassy

My husband and I have had eight ferrets during the past 16 years, and all of them have been rescues. About three months ago I happened to look on Hernando County's Animal Shelter website, and to this day I don't know why since this facility isn't anywhere near me. What I found was a beautiful sable ferret that was scheduled to be euthanized the next day. Someone had found her wandering around outside, and it's a wonder that she survived at all. Well, I can't tell you how fast I got on that phone to request the adoption, and they promised to hold off until I got there. When I got her home she was somewhat skiddish, but didn't hesitate to chatter at me quite regularly. So I named her "Sassy," not only for talking back, but for thinking that she's all that and then some. Her new friends, Bear and Kira, were very happy to have a new friend, and I have another "fuzzie" to spoil.
Christi Smith
Tampa, FL