Sweet Pea

This my St.bernard/Spitzer Spaniel mix I rescued from a shelter I found here on the Animal Rescue Site.She was 2 months old and was immediate partof our family. We have two other older dogs and 2 cats, since we live on 5 acres there is plenty of room for animals and we love them all.I recently lost my Chow/Shepard mix at 8 years old suddenly to cancer we didn't know she had and was devasted, she was my baby from the time we got her from a shelter.My husband and I met and he had two dogs so the family of animals was born.We then found two stray kittens.After losing her , I wanted to save another animal, so we got the adorable Sweet Pea.She loves the older dogs and they love her, as do the cats she plays outside with all of them.She is a lover and kisses anyone who holds her, she loves to cuddle, of coarse will be to big eventually to be a lap dog.We are thankful for your website and think the work you do for shelter animals is vital.We are thinking of adopting more adult cats from that same shelter soon. Christine Kochanowski
Christine Kochanowski
Oxford, OH