Sweet Sadie

I went looking for another dog at my local Humane Society. Walking down the aisle, I was overwhelmed with the barking, and wanted to take them all... I broke down in tears and walked out. As I was leaving, I saw a room off to the left, and in a pen was this big beautiful black and white husky-mix looking at me with liquid brown eyes, and a purple tongue hanging out of her mouth. She was 5, and had been dumped by her previous family because they supposedly had a baby that was allergic. She was in the side room because she didn't do well in the kennel. She had been there for 6 months, and chances weren't looking good for her. She had some dog aggression and was sensitive about her tail and feet being touched. I brought my other dog to meet her and... love at first sight. She was a great girl. Perfectly housebroken and well trained, although if you touched her tail or feet she would grump at you. So I guess I could understand how that could be mistaken for aggression, I imagine the other young kids probably pulled her tail and messed with her once too often, although there was no biting. I could leave food on the counter to defrost and leave the house, and it would be there when I got back. I could leave my dinner within reach and go out to the kitchen, and although she kept a VERY watchful eye on it she never touched it. I had been struggling with the decision on when it would be the end of our time together. She was obviously in pain and having a lot of trouble getting around. She made that decision for me - she had a stroke last Saturday evening, and by Sunday morning I knew it was time. I lay on the floor with her with my arms around her as the vet ended her suffering. I have never had a better dog in my life. I love you, Sadiekins. I will miss you forever.
Bettie Evanson
Lexington, MN