Tank Finds a home!!

Last summer I visited our local shelter to spend some time with the animals... I had no intention of bringing one home... until I saw him. There he was sitting quietly in his pen while the other dogs were jumping around and barking. I instantly felt a connection to him. I opened his cage door and he practically climbed up into my lap. It was a done deal!!! I picked him up the next Monday and he has been a huge part of my life ever since! He is the sweetest dog i have ever had and I am so blessed that that he picked me! Tank is a little over a year old and full of energy. He loves other animals, pig ears, and sleeping on my bed. He is quite the escape artist... due to his "beagle" personality!! I wouldn't change a thing about him. I wish I knew his story and how he ended up in the shelter, because someone truly is missing out! When anyone asks me where to go to get a dog I always tell them to visit the local shelter... those dogs deserve to be loved and I have found that they are extremely grateful. It's almost like they know that you rescued them.
Courtney McElwee
Charleston, IL