Tasha's Terms

As soon as I laid eyes on her, my heart knew she and her sister were the ones. Looking back at me, a pair of eyes, she didn't trust, and kept just out of reach. I brought home two tiny balls of fluff. Tasha, and Sasha...for the four days they were at the house, they ran the roost. Sasha always wanted to be where my husband was at, and had no issues climbing up his leg, and back to curl up on his shoulder. My husband was in love. Within the next 4 days we were back at the shelter, both of my beautiful kittens developed a cough, the next 6 days Tasha healed however, Sasha, crossed the rainbow bridge. My husband and I were saddened of her passing...she already had a close bond with my husband. He even gave her the nickname eye booger. We brought Tasha home, but no matter if we called her, or wanted to love on her, Tasha would only do it when she felt like it. Hence Tasha's terms. Fast forward 4 years, my husband and I divorced. I could not bring Tasha with me, however, my cousin generously opened her home to Tasha. The day I left I stayed with Tasha as long as I could. Weeping and holding her, telling her how sorry I was, until my cousin told me I needed to leave. For the next 9 years, Tasha became part of their family. I would visit as often as I could and would stay as long as I could, to let Tasha know she was always in my heart. My cousin and I would take as many photos as we could...only when Tasha was feeling it. My cousin called the other day crying, Tasha had passed in her sleep. The loss of your pet is never a good thing, coupled with not being with her in her final years really is heartbreaking. Yet I know in my heart, Tasha knew she was loved. Loved by my cousin and her husband, and loved and adored by me.
Vicki Myers
Terre Haute, IN