Teddy & Elizabeth

After my last cat passed away, Teddy, an Australian Shepherd, started acting out. He had never been the only pet in the house and was very lonely when left alone during the day. We went to a pet adoption day to find another cat. Teddy found Elizabeth and fell in love with her right away. Elizabeth came home to live with us a week later. That was almost 8 years ago and they have been best friends ever since. I tell all my friends that if I could teach Teddy to clean her litter box and feed her, Elizabeth would be very happy if it was just the two of them. Teddy was diagnosed with cancer a few years ago and had to spend a couple of days at the vet's office for surgery and after care. Elizabeth was beside herself while he was gone. She stuck very close to him when he came home and wouldn't let him out of her sight for more than a minute or two. She still cries at the door when Teddy goes out for his walks. It was definitely a match that was meant to be.
Fairfax, VA