Tenacious, The Tough Hedgehog.

May 2016, inspecting oilfield pipes and equipment, we noticed a small hedgehog which was soaked with crude oil and its body was stuck to the ground. The hedgehog could not move from its place and was dying. Just a fast beat pulse was its sole sign of being alive. “It’s better to put it to sleep”, my friend said. But I couldn’t do that. So I decided to do my best to save him. I took it softly. When we returned to the office, he almost had no vital signs. I started to clean him using Hand Cleaner and a toothbrush to remove the oil from his body, but oil concentration was very high and the cleaner did not work well. After researching the internet about home remedies to rid the body of animals soaked with oil, we realized that the best material is edible vegetable oil to do so. It not only has no danger, but also is so effective. The difficult harsh point about our hero was that according to his nature, he rolled into a tight spiny ball as soon as being touched and did not allow us to clean his body. So, I had no choice to put him in a bathtub to make him unrolled. That day, I put on my work clothes and it was little money in my pocket. Most edible oil prices were slightly higher than my money. I found a cheaper one at last. It was very hot that day (about 100°F) and I desired a cold beer, but I recalled hedgehog which needed to be washed after edible oil massage (:D). So, a baby shampoo took the rest of my money instead of cold beer. Finally, after 4 hours of effort I could almost remove the oil from his body. The result was amazing as he got up and started to run happily. It was there that my fatigue vanished and I felt cheerful that I could rescue him. He showed great stability and resistance to survive. So I decided to put his name Tenacious.
Saber Araghi
Tehran, Iran, Islamic Republic of