Terrified kitten saved from drowning

We live in the northeast of Brazil, and the raining season this year brought terrible inondations. By the end of may the water stood a foot high and more in all of the streets. So one morning I tried to reach the supermarket with the car and I saw this little kitten paddling in the stream that our avenida had become. She was swimming for her life, her blue eyes full of fear. I stopped and fished her out of the water as fast as I could. She was so terrified that she bit my hand hard, drawing blood from the palm. I took her home, dried and fed her, and we instantly decided to keep her. We named her Rain and it took only a week for her to adjust to the family. We have two chocolate labs and a two year old tomcat named Witte. Now Rain is about four months old, a happy kitten and just a delight. We love this little bundle of joyful energy. The cats bonded well and the older one teaches her to hunt and play. The dog's wagging tails have become an irresistible toy. She sleeps on our laps and purres loudly every time we touch her. Although she gets all the food the wants, when we eat she absolutely must put her little face into our plates and see what's there. If I'm having only a salad, well, then she eats a slice of tomato or melon. Yes, I know, we have to start some education!
Bettina Angela
Recife, Brazil