That's love

My husband lost his 2 20 year old dogs that he had since 8 weeks a year apart. He did not want anymore. I talked him into adopting from pound and he picked out a Greater Swiss Mountain dog who then chose me. Another year goes by and I decide Huck needs a canine companion. Hubby resists but after months of pleading he says only a beagle and it needed to be female as our Huck was male. I see both local shelters are over capacity and they have a young female beagle so he tells me I can go get her. I go to the pound and find out she is not available for 3 more days. I have to work that day so hubby agrees to go get her. I obsessed and worried for next 3 days and make him get up early with me to be there 2 hours before pound opens. I could not think about anything but him bringing her home. He arrives to find another women waiting for same dog and she had driven over 2 hours and arrived an hour before him. Hubby knew I would be absolutely devastated but pound workers tell him other shelter also has 2 female beagles another guy from beagle rescue group was there and tells him he can pick out one he wants and he will take the other. He chooses one as they are filling out paperwork shelter worker say they believe they have been together their whole lives and at 6 and 7 years old hated to see them separated. Without missing a beat hubby says "Okay fine I will take them both". So the guy that wanted no more dogs now has 3. Beagle rescue guy goes and gets final male beagle in pound, so 4 dogs instead of 1 left that day. Funny thing is the one he was going to let the other guy take has become incredibly bonded with him. Howls if he leaves for a minute. That is Alice the one with tongue out. Freckles the other loves everyone.
Jodi T
Brewster, OH