The Affectionate

They say how owners pick the pet, this case our family member chose us. Last summer I heard a soft meow near our door. We discovered that across the lot there was a cat. It was fate that I heard her so far away. She was a little malnourished, very small for her size however had no problem making herself at home and followed us everywhere. That night at 11pm we went to the nearest store to get supplies for her unexpected stay. We waited for a few weeks for a word and looked at every please find me poster and there was no word. We took her the vet, and got her treated for dehydration and checked for a chip (there wasn’t one). So we knew that she would be a part of her family; we brought her almost every kitten comfort you can imagine, and loved sharing our moments with our such as her first Christmas. This past month she received a checkup, she has progressed so well, only weighing a little over five pounds, she now weighs a little over nine. She eats well and has a lot of energy. She enjoys sleeping in the sink, her water bowl or in boxes. She also loves watching us cook. She is now a teenager with a lot of confidence to show.
Baltimore, MD