The Best Day Ever

I was living in Santa Clarita, CA. alone and I wanted a dog. I went to Petco every Sunday when they had adoptions. A couple of months went by but I just didn't click with any of them. I decided to go one more time. While waiting for them to put a leash on one of the dogs I thought about a man came in with a young boy about 4 or 5 and he had the most adorable little white ball of fluff with him. He handed her leash to the lady. I looked at her she was looking at me, I looked at the man and he just shrugged his shoulders and walked out-no emotion. I imemdiately asked if she was available for adoption, they said yes as soon as she could finish the paper work. I said "I want her"- it was love at first site. They wanted a $100.00 - which at that time I couldn't afford but knew I had to have her! (Somebody didn't get paid that month)I asked where she came from and they said they found her in the desert at 3 months old. The man that returned her had her for 4 months. His excuse for returning her was that "the (very young)kids" didn't take care of her"! She was now 7 months old. I took her home. She was petrified of loud noises, children running and obviously was tormented by those kids. She came out of her shell after a month and has been a delight ever since. She has a quirky personality & everyone falls in love with her at first meet. I thank God often for blessing me with her.
Caroline Palatucci
Carlstadt, NJ