The Best Dog Ever

Having grown up with dogs, it was only a matter of time before I wanted one of my own. Two years previously I had moved to Chicago for gradaute school and had decided I was ready for the responsibility of owning a dog. Adoption seemed like the way to go so I started looking on to see what dogs were available around Chicago. I came across a listing for a young husky at Chicago Animal Care & Control and decided to go see the dog. I arranged to meet my boyfriend, now my husband, at the shelter where we found the dog had already been adopted. Although we never met the husky, my husband saw a very large yellow lab with a pink nose in a cage that was barely twice his size. With such an endearing face, we decided to take him outside where we quickly learned of his lack of manners. They called him "Tank" because of his size, and even with the pulling and jumping, we knew he would be a very lovable dog. It took us less than 24 hours to decide that he was the dog for us and we went back to the shelter the next day to fill out the paper work. I didn't know how I was going to control such a large dog, but after a few weeks of obedience school and some socialization at the dog park, we now have what everyone calls the "best dog ever". I'm sure it wasn't chance that led us to "Tank" who we have since renamed "Cooper, because he was the perfect addition to our family. He also strengthened my passion for animals and I now enjoy volunteering at adoption days where I get to help other families find their perfect pet.
Alexandra Dirlam Langlay
Eden Prairie, MN