The Best thing that happened to us!

We weren't expecting to get a new dog. We already had a couple at home. However that day we went to Petsmart, to just look at the animals, we found one who would change our lives forever. She was one of the last to be brought in, and immediately there was a bond. She wouldn't leave me alone, and I knew she was mine. She was a one year old lab that a shelter took from another shelter that was going to put her down. I am so glad they found here. We brought her home, and she was amazing. She was the smartest dog. However we noticed she wasn't feeling well, and her stiches from being spayed weren't healing properly. We then found out she was really sick. We had to give her medicine and watch her very carefully. One morning I woke up to her being miserable, but our vet couldn't see her. So we found another one. They said if we hadn't brought her in that day, she would have died. Instead we had to use a nebulizer and she took so many pills. We spent a lot of money on vet bills that first two weeks. However it was worth it. She is totally healthy now, and is the best dog. She already knows how to sit, stay and shake, but I don't know where she learned it. She was in the shelter for almost all of her life. She loves my brother who is handicapped. We are going to turn her into a therapy dog. She was the best thing that ever happened to us, and I couldn't imagine losing her! I couldn't imagine anyone not adopting her before us. She is very loving and has to be with you no matter what.
Fruita, CO