The Boys

My husband said we’d never have another dog after we lost Chloe, our beloved 16 year-old Shih-Tzu. I have a heart for rescuing dogs, but I didn’t want to rush him. Sure enough, about nine months later he began to look at dogs on the internet, checking shelters for Shih-Tzu’s. Then a friend of my mother’s sent me a news video clip on Facebook featuring two Shih-Tzu brothers who needed to be adopted after their owner had passed away. (Our local news station does a “Pet of the Week” story to help get animals adopted.) They were three years-old and the shelter wanted them to be adopted together, since they’d never been apart. My husband was a student studying at home then, and I sent him the video clip to see if he might be interested. Within the hour he was at the shelter to meet the boys. Then he called to say I had to come meet them since he couldn’t take them home until I did. Since the shelter would be closed the next two days, I had to come right then because “we don’t want them to have to stay here two more days!!!” So I left work to meet the boys, who became Bailey and Hutch. We were surprised at how calm they were at first, since Chloe had been fairly energetic and playful. But then, one week later, my husband heard some noises downstairs and went out to look down into the living room . . . our two boys were running and chasing each other and rough housing all over the place, obviously having a great time. He video’d them for several minutes and we realized that they’d just been in shock at how their lives had changed and that’s why they had been so subdued. They’d figured out they were in a good place, and could enjoy themselves again. They are five now and we sure love them, and appreciate the joy they’ve brought into our lives.
Junction City, OR