The Buggers

In September ’14 our son and I stopped by our local Humane Society resale store. While #1 son checked out the store I checked out the cats available for adoption (even though we already had five rescue cats.) Two all black boys caught my attention with their antics. The tag on the cage stated they were five months old and had been there for several months. I was told no one showed any serious interest in them because they had four strikes against them; they were black, they were males, they were no longer cute little babies, and they were bonded and had to go together. They were named Heckle and Jeckle, appropriate due to their appearance and personalities. When we returned home I told my wife about them, and after some discussion we decided that while they'd not be put down if they weren't adopted, they deserved a loving home. My wife returned with me to the store and quickly fell for them just as I had. They were snugglers, purring at the first scratch, and we wound up adding two more to our cat clan. After their months of cage life they couldn't jump up on chairs or even a low ottoman when they arrived at their new home, but they quickly built up their muscles and were soon tearing around the house, often terrorizing the older cats. On their first visit with our vet she said they were the closest to identical twin kittens that she'd seen. They’re grown now and Jeckle is larger than his brother Heckle, but if you don’t know them they’re hard to tell apart. They're still vocal, playful, loving, often silly, and they’re great additions to our family. Their personalities and antics led my wife to claim they're a new species - bugger monkeys. I just call them the Beastie Boys.
Wayne & Sandra
Brevard, NC