The Calico Kitten

After the death of my beloved cat, Tait, I wanted to get another cat. There was a picture of a pretty calico kitten on the local humane society's website. My husband went with me to the shelter and we looked at several cats and kittens but none of them were a good fit. When we were about to give up I decided to go into the room where the kitten I saw on the website lived. My husband waited outside looking in the glass window. As soon as I walked in the little calico marched up to me and just looked at me as if to say are you ready to be my human now. She even went so far as to hiss at another cat who dared get close to her new mommie. I snatched her up since there were other people coming in the room who might possibly want her. Five years later she is still a mommie's baby and I love her dearly. She is the smartest, sweetest and most beautiful cat I could ever have.
Birmingham, AL