The Cat That Saved My Life

I've always felt a strong connection with animals, and have owned cats all of my life, along with a few dogs. However, for years I've struggled with depression, anxiety, and ptsd. That was made incredibly worse when in 2013 I'd moved and could not take my cat - Latte, with me. I was stricken with guilt and grief, and I felt I'd abandoned her. (She is still alive and well- she lives with my mother). Still, I couldn't overcome the feeling that part of me was gone, left a giant gaping hole and each day I thought of her and what joy she brought to my life. Sadly, this was only the beginning of a downward spiral in my mental health. I was constantly depressed and down, and regularly felt suicidal. Finally, in January 2016, I was able to adopt a cat. I knew what I was looking for- or rather, looking for the cat that would pick me. And I found her. The local animal shelter had a 5 month old tabby mix (later found out to be bengal tabby mix.). Named "Columbia". I adopted her, as I felt a connection with her instantly. I renamed her "Luna". I truly believe that Luna saved my life. She now is an amazing source of emotional comfort, she is a purr machine, loves to cuddle and play. She always knows when I'm down, and rubs my legs and jumps into my lap for a cuddle. I cannot imagine my life without her. I play with her often, and she pants and has a huge "smile" that I captured in this photo. I will be forever grateful, and hope to spend many many years with Luna. She is now 9 months old, loves life and I love living it with her. My friends all love her also. Thank you, Luna..:) If you haven't considered a rescue cat, I strongly encourage you to check out a shelter. They often have some of the most loving animals on the planet. I know I certainly found one! :)

Saskatoon, Canada