The Cat Who Fell Out Of The Tree

My husband, Michael, and I lived in a small apartment complex when we first got together. One day in the late fall, we came home from grocery shopping and noticed movement in the small dogwood tree in the side yard of our building. Suddenly, out from the branches fell a solid black cat. He then rushed over to us and did the famous "flop" right at our feet. Well, that was it for me. However, Michael insisted that since we already had a dog and a cat we couldn't take in any more animals. So all during that autumn I left food and water out for the stray, and I would pet him whenever I went outside. The weather got colder and colder, and a couple of days before Christmas it actually started snowing. I came in from work and before I could get anything out, Michael grumbled, "Get the carrier, let's take him to the vet to make sure he's healthy". And that was how we first met Simon. Simon lived to be about 24 years old. We just had to let him go a couple of weeks ago due to extreme old age and mini strokes. But he was loved and pampered every day he was with us, and we will miss him for the rest of our lives.
Kemin McCutchen
Atlanta, GA