The cat who Stitched my heart

I had recently moved back to my home town. I was battling depression as I was struggling to get settled into a new life with my two cats. A neighbour in my building, had invited me over for coffee to see her new kitten. She had recently lost one of her two senior cats. The cat had escaped out of the apartment building while she had gone to work. She had found a little tabby kitten who was a bundle of energy and mischief. I met this little fur ball and quite liked him. He came up to me claimed me as I sat on her couch. A few days later I had found the neighbour's cat in the alley. Upon realizing she had her beloved cat back, the neighbour decided she didn't need the kitten anymore and wanted to throw out the tabby kitten in the alley. I insisted that I take him. I knew nothing about the little guy other than he was fuzzy and cute. She happily gave me the cat who I would name Stitch after the Disney movie character. He was little, looking for a home and a family and I was broken. Ohana applied since none were left behind. The night I brought Stitch home, he wolfed down all the food he could muster, and proclaimed the place his own. He later curled up in the crook of my neck when it was time to sleep, and purred the entire night. He always falls asleep with his paw on my hand. He didn't bat an eye when it came to my two other cats. They took to him after two weeks and taught him how to cat. Ten years and three major depressions later, we are and still Ohana.
Edmonton, Canada