The Church "Marvel"

My husband and I had just arrived at church one Sunday morning, and as I stepped out of the truck I heard a faint cry coming from the grass. I walked over to find a tiny grey tabby kitten covered in grass burrs. I took him in to the fellowship hall and tried to feed him. As I watched him move around, I noticed that he couldn't walk straight, and when he would try to play, his front leg flopped limply from side to side. I was helping with children's church that morning, and due to the near perfect "M" on the kitty's forehead, the kids decided we should name him Marvel. I took him to the vet as soon as I could, and the x-rays showed that his front leg was broken in three places, and the back leg, on the same side of his body, was broken once. The vet couldn't believe that he was in such good spirits, much less moving around. She told me that due to the severity of the front break, Marvel would probably always have a limp, and that the leg and foot would never be straight. The poor little guy was in splints for over a month, with instructions not to run, jump, or play. (FYI - It is hard to contain a 6 week old kitten.) Over the next few weeks, we have watched him grow into a high flying acrobat of a cat. Even with the splints, there has been no holding him back. Now with the splints off, the only time you notice a limp is if he walks, which he rarely does. His leg is almost perfectly straight, as is his foot, and he is perfectly healthy and happy. He has truly been a little Marvel.
Samantha Elliott
Chatsworth, GA