The Day I Was Adopted

It was a frigid December morning when you showed up at my doorstep, a handful of kitten, cold, sick and hungry, all mite-ridden ears, rheumy eyes and scruffy tail, but not short on charm—oh, you had plenty of that! You looked up at me, gave me a ‘silent meow,’ and it was a done deal! That was just days before I was planning on going to the local shelter to adopt a cat—you decided to save me the trouble. For thirteen years you filled my life and home with love, laughter, and companionship. For months after you crossed the Bridge, whenever I sat at my computer I could almost feel the pressure of your paw on my leg when you decided I’d worked long enough and it was time for a cuddling break (if I ignored you, you’d resort to more drastic action, jumping on the desk and sitting on the keyboard!). When you left, you left a void as big as the Texas sky in my heart. My sweet boy, it’s been thirty years since that December day when you adopted me, and other rescues have come and then joined you over the Bridge, but I miss you still. Your pawprints will be in my heart forever. Mommy - December 2017
Lancaster, PA