The Doctor

My husband and I are both animal lovers. When we first got married, we had only two cats. But every time we saw a scared or frightened kitten, we couldn't walk away and eventually we'd give in and bring them home. When our numbers rose to 5, we both agreed - no more - my husband especially. However one morning at work I got a phone call from my husband, and he said, "You'll never guess what's on our front porch." He sent me a picture of this tiny, mangy, dirty little kitten and my heart broke. He said he'd leave a plate of food outside, and if it was still there when we got home, we could talk about keeping him. All day long I could think of nothing but this poor defenseless little kitten cowering in the corner of our porch. To my delight, when I got home he was still waiting patiently asleep on our porch and has been in our lives now for over four years. When we were deciding what to name him, we went through several ideas. But that night for some reason we decided to watch Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade on DVD. At the end of the movie, they talk about how they named their dog Indiana. That's when my husband said, "We should name him Indiana, or even better, Dr. Indiana Jones." Thus, the legend of Indy (as we call him) was born. But his nickname around the house is "The Doctor" - and his purrs and kisses keep us both healthy and happy all year round.
Greenwood, IN