The Dog I Never Wanted - Buddy

My husband and I have always had dogs and cats. Usually 2 dogs and 4 to 6 cats in the household. In early February 2015 we lost our female dog, Gwennie, she had a tumor in her abdomen. Then in late March, we lost Artie our male to another tumor in his abdomen. We decided we would not get another dog. "They just tie you down". June comes along and I have to have another dog to fill the aching. Off to the internet and shelters to find my dog. 3 criteria: must be black or white, long hair, no pit bull. As I walk through the barking dogs of the shelter I hear a whimper. I finally get to the cage and here is a light brown, short haired, pit bull mix. I kneel down and talk to him and he comes right up to my face. I pet him under the chin and a volunteer comes by to see if I would like to give him a treat. "Yeah, sure". I stick it through the fencing and he sticks his tongue out and takes the treat! Shocking! We end up going outside and he jumps all over me giving me kisses every time he gets back from running around. OK, now he has me. I talk to the volunteer and am told I have to wait 10 days since he was just brought in the night before. I call every single day to see if he has been claimed. Finally on day 10, I am waiting for him with leash in hand. My husband does not know what I have chosen and is shocked to see "the dog I never wanted" come in the door. He is one the the most well behaved babies I have had. He sleeps under the covers with us. Only barks when he hears something unusual. Still full of kisses free to all who will pet him. He is spoiled rotten. Gets anything he wants. And he is exactly how we trained him to be!!
Alice Collins
Dearborn Heights, MI