The Dog That Rescued Me

Kildare was living with a foster home where they were teaching the dogs to help the handicap for Therapy Dogs International. Kildare had failed and his original trainer, a friend of mine, kept him. She continued to train him and use him as a Therapy Dog. I was living with my mother. One day my mother was killed in an auto accident. I had driven by and seen the accident which caused me to have Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome. In the same year my dog of 14 years died. She and I had been through so much together over the years. My friend came to me and said she would like to give Kildare to me. Her words were, "I didn't get into this to have a pet. You are the only person I would let have him. If you take him, he will be serving the purpose I raised him for". This wonderful woman gave me, free of charge, this dog she had raised for 5 years. For the first time since the auto accident I smiled. When anyone asked me about Kildare, I would talk and smile. My friends all said he had made a change in my lonely life. You can see from the picture that Kildare and I both smile and share a very special relationship. He has brought so much into my life and he was well trained. I had the perfect situation. I believed my mother found and sent him to me. Kildare truly rescued me!
Sandy Goga
Livonia, MI