The "Grande Dame"

Several years ago we were making one of our frequent stops at the pet supply store to pick up a few items for our four spoiled rescue cats. We always look at the cats available for adoption so I checked out the offerings and noticed a shorthaired beauty that was watching me intently. I was struck by her unique coloring and that she looked like she was smiling. The info tag stated she was a five-year-old female ocicat rescued from a 'kitty mill'. We didn't need another cat but this one was special and I was smitten. Despite what the info tag stated, she is not an ocicat, or at least not a pure breed. Her coat is bi-color with black tipped hairs and a white undercoat; hence her name “Ashes”. My wife agreed the cat was beautiful but reminded me of the four at home. Despite obvious reasons for not doing so, I asked if we could see and hold her. When we sat down in the adoption area she immediately jumped up into my lap, looked up at me, closed her eyes and began a rumbling purr. After 24 hours of discussing the pros and cons of adopting a fifth cat the pros (or maybe it was the cons) won out and we adopted her the following evening. From her first moments in our home she was her own cat. It took a while for her to integrate into the family, but with time and patience she’s become the 'grand dame'; mostly tolerated by the rest of the cat clan, and mostly tolerating them. She's independent and stubborn, has kept her rumbling purr and has a raucous voice that she uses freely, and she’s daddy’s girl.
Wayne & Sandra
Brevard, NC