The Greatest Little Aussie

We had an older Golden that we had rescued at about the age of 10-11 and decided that he needed a friend. While tutoring, one of my families brought home an Australian Shepherd. I fell in love immediately and decided to rescue one. I went online to find a rescue near my home and when I saw the first Aussie, I was immediately in love. Phillip, at 10 months old, had been left tied up in the yard of a family that just took off and never came back. After several weeks, the neighbor brought him to the Aussie rescue. He was emaciated with very little hair. We were able to adopt him the same day the volunteer brought him to our home. He is now 8 years old and the sweetest, smartest most loveable dog. Our golden died several years after Phillip came to live with us and I could tell that Philly was not himself anymore - just moping around the house. We decided to rescue again and now both dogs are happy and love to play together. Rescuing a dog is the greatest gift a human can give to a dog. I only wish I could rescue them all, but instead I do spread the word to everyone who mentions they want a dog. Phillip agrees!
Marietta, GA