The Guardian

We adopted Bruno 10 years ago from the no-kill shelter Noah's Ark; they take unwanted cats and dogs and foster them, then put them up for adoption and carefully match them with new homes. We adopted Bruno when he was sixteen months old. He was both mother and father to our six other dogs. He would stand in front of me if someone came to our front door. When I was at work he would lay across the front door inside the house and guard our handicapped daughter. When our long-haired chihuahua fell into our pool, Bruno made me follow him to help pull the dog to safety. Another time he rescued a small sparrow that fell out of its nest--Bruno brought it to me to save. This wonderful dog became sick with bloat and our good vet tried to save him, but he was euthanized February of 2008. I grieve for him now. He was a credit to his breed: Rottweiler.
annette lennon
glendale, AZ