The Hobo under the couch

Our cat Lego had just passed from an unknown illness and we had asked our vet to contact us if they heard about any cats in need of a home. They had a cat that one of the colleges had brought in from a socialized cat colony, the neighboring farmer had threatened to poison the vets cat colony and 'Andy' the cat had started to limp so she brought him in. Needless to say, he came home with us. I was honestly disappointed, this cat was nothing like the cute and cuddly Lego we had. In fact, he wanted nothing to do with us, he hid under the couch for two to three weeks straight. At one point he even escaped, causing my mother and older brother to have to go out in the middle of the night and search for him and drag him back in. He continued to live under the couch and side board we eventually found out that our nameless cat loved ping pong balls and developed a game of soccer with him. Eventually he came out of his shell, in his young spunky age he had a hobby of tipping over trash cans for one specific purpose, to get a hold of some aluminum foil. This was the way he got his name, Hobo. He was never a lap cat, though he got more affectionate as the years went on. He was an indoor outdoor cat, there was no keeping that boy just inside. He earned the nickname Rambo due to his spunkyness, he liked to get up on the rafters in the garage and bat at the broom my mother would use to try to encourage him to get down. We've witnessed him stalking everything and anything, deer, turkey, turkey buzzards, skunks, anything really. He came home almost dead multiple times due to fights with unknown creatures. We just lost him unfortunately, he was struck by a car and it deeply saddens us all. There will never be another cat like Hobo, i'm just glad that we had eleven years together.
Marysville, PA