The Kitten who saved us from ourselves.

I was doing some work at my aunts house one day and I came around the corner of her shedd and I found this little ball of fur sitting on the ground. Her eyes had just opened as they were still blue. She was so young that I had to feed her with a syringe. I would take wet food and mix it with kitten milk in my Magic Bullet and make a thick liquid for her. When we first got her we named her Shadow because of her coloring. Now I've decided that it is good for another reason as well, she follows me everywhere. If I work out in the yard she will follow me around except when I'm mowing. She is like a little shadow to me. Shadow is now about 5 months old and plan to get her spade next month when I get my check for the month. My wife and I are both disabled and Shadow has really helped with depression. I am a veteran and suffer from PTSD and Shadow helps to keep me calm in stressful situations. It's amazing at how I can deal with most anxiety attacks when she is around. I think we saved each other. For my wife who is on dialysis it makes it easier to do her treatments. Many times when Shadow senses, Lori my wife, feeling anxious she will jump up on the bed with her and purr angainst her side and help calm her down. Shadow is a blessing to us but our other cat's don't really care for her over active behavior. I try to play with her regularly but she wears me out instead of the other way around. I just love that Shadow has come into our lives and hope she lives a long healthy life unlike the one she would have lived had I not brought her home.
Keith Ross
Winter Haven, FL