The lady said, "Just throw it in the trash..."

My husband was taking his usual route through a neighborhood during his rounds at work and saw a tiny black & white kitten peeking out of a hole. He stopped to help the little fella since he seemed stuck. The kitten was "peeping" his head off! He was so young (about 3-4 weeks) that he didn't have his "mew" yet. My husband saw a woman outside of her house and went over to ask her if the kitten was hers. She said no, and to, "Just throw it in the trash..." It took everything he had not to scream & yell at her for being so cruel and heartless! After trying a few more houses he found no one would claim this little B&W baby, and found no other littermates or momma. So, he found a box at work and brought him home. Squat is now 13 years old, and as you can see, a very, very happy boy so worthy and appreciative of a loving home... instead of the trash...
Miss Carol
Tomball, TX