The Life of Riley

I believe in trap, neuter and return and am currently trapping at the local pet friendly Motel 6 and unfortunately some irresponsable guests leave with out their pets and this has created a huge ferel cat population residing in the woods next to the motel. One evening while setting traps I found this tiny white kitten about 5 weeks old under the bushes, she was very thin with an upper respiratory infection and had ring worm on the back of her neck where all the hair was missing. I took her to the vet the next day and started treating her ailments and slowly the infections cleared up and her appetitie returned. I take her every day to work where she runs around the office and then falls asleep in the chairs, on top of desks, and even in an open drawer. We all love her she is such a joy to have and she plays well with Jinx my bengal cat. We named her Riley and she has found her forever home.
Jeanne Roland
Punta Gorda, FL