The luckiest black cat

Growing up, my boyfriend and I both always had pets in our homes. When we moved in together last year it was the first time we were in a home without an animal. Originally we were told by our landlord that we were not allowed to have a pet, but eventually persuaded us to let him have a single cat. We were thrilled, so the search began. We had our heart set on a grey tiger stripped cat that was dropped off at a local vet and were first on the list, but was told he was not able to go home yet. Eventually we were told that he was unavailable for adoption. Our hearts were broken. While visiting my boyfriend's parent's house in Pennsylvania, we found out that a friend-of-a-friend had found two black kittens on the street near there home. They has already taken them to vet and the kittens were skinny but in good health. The couple that had found them already had three cats and were in the process of moving, so they were looking to give these two good homes. We knew we wanted one but were concerned at taking one but not finding a home for the other. Luckily, my boyfriend's brother and girlfriend took the other and both are now happy. We named ours Raven, and she is a momma's girl hands-down. It was a hard adjustment for her, as she was a skittish cat who took months to warm up, and even now hides when too much is going on. She loves greeting me at the door and cuddling with my when I get home from work and at night. She's got quite the personality and loves to play fetch! We love our little princess and I couldn't imagine life without her.
Brittany N
Harrison, NY