The Majestic Thinker

March 12, 2011, my senior year, my birthday. I had begged my mom to let me get a cat, to help me feel less alone while she was working full time as a nurse. My 18th birthday my life changed when I walked into the Animal Shelter. The cat room was huge, with a wide range of cats wandering about. But one in particular caught my attention. A fat gray ball wandered up to me, the first cat to "greet" me. Ironically I had been looking for a can that was fat and gray after a favorite anime. I knew he was the one. The ladies at the shelter were amazed that he was being adopted, seeing as he had been there for a number of years. His name was Joker, but he was just too majestic for that. I named him Atlas, after the titan. Majestic, as if the world's weight and problems would disappear if on his shoulders. He took away many of my pains and depression, like the Titan held up the Earth he held them up off of me. That was the beginning of many wonderful years. I later got married to a fellow cat lover and soldier. I was moving to Texas from VA and spent nearly 350$ in vet bills and $300 for two plane tickets to get him there with me. He loved Texas, and the airplane (he hated the car though). Most cat's would never have that chance! He loved to look off into space, as if deep in thought. My majestic thinker. Still as a statue. We spent 2 years in Texas before the tragedy hit. November 22, 2015 was the worst day of my life. I woke up like any other day, but I heard that piercing meow. Atlas couldn't walk with his back legs. He had Saddle Thrombosis. Fatal for cats. I had to make the choice to put him out of his pain. My Majestic thinker was gone. I watched the light fade from his once bright, deep eyes. Life is not the same. We miss you, Atlas.
Samantha Dennen
Fort Hood, TX