The Manicure For Mutts Challenge-Help Shelter Animals Everywhere

We may not be able to rescue them all but won't you join me in rescuing those we can. In 2008 I decided to give a gift to myself; in place of spending $50.00 per month for manicures on myself I sponsored an animal at my local shelter and another at my favorite sanctuary. When I read those words "I was Adopted" or found their "New Forever Home", well it felt so much better than any manicure I ever received! Well, with the economy in shambles I have a deep fear that our Shelters, Rescue Leagues and Sanctuaries will suffer and donations and sponsorships will decline. So, I will continue giving up my own manicures again in 2009 and continue to use those funds to sponsor the animals. If you can, won't you take my Manicure for Mutts Challenge, and give up even one manicure for yourself and sponsor an animal or bring a donation to your local shelter. The need is so great and this is so simple to do. Now all you guy animal lovers, you may not get manicures, but you can help too, ask yourself do I really need another power tool? Please join me, thanks.
Sheryl Jabre
Lee, NH