The noisy Beagle no one wanted.

I met Remington -my Beagle boy, while I was in Vet tech school. Our school adopted dogs from the local humane society, used them for learning purposes and then adopted them out to students each semester. A couple weeks into school and most of the dogs were already spoken for, except for a skinny Beagle, that barked and squealed very loudly. He wouldn't eat and constantly tried to escape his kennel. He had allergies and always cut the tip of his nose open from trying to bury things. For several weeks he wore an e-collar (cone) on his head and needed medication for an ear infection. He also escaped the kennel, running out into city traffic and through local neighborhoods on more than 1 occasion. No one wanted to adopt him and they thought he was "just a dumb, noisy Beagle". The school was planning on sending him back to the humane society if he wasn't spoken for. Normally he would just bark all day and start a fight with other dogs in his play group. One day he looked into my eyes (so sad looking) and I could tell that he needed lots of work, but that he had a sweet heart. I fell in love right then. I think he chose me that day and decided he would give me a chance. Students could tell he was my dog right away, he would go nuts when he heard my voice and seemed to miss me during classes. He came home for Christmas and he's been with me for 2 years. He is very devoted to me, has a sweet personality, eats dinner, does tricks, and is a well behaved dog. It was hard to housebreak him, but now he is an Angel. He makes me smile everyday.
Cristina Johnson
Champaign/ urbana, IL