the one who almost wasn't...

My partner & I were just watching t.v. one day, when my partner's mother called out of nowhere. She knew a man who trying to find a home for his 1½ year old jack russell/rat terrier mix named JJ. He had recently gotten engaged to a woman who demanded that the man find JJ a good home or have him put to sleep. My partner & I had been thinking about getting a dog, & I was just WAITING to get one, as I'd never had a dog before. We decided that we couldn't let this young dog go to the pound & possibly be put to sleep, so called my partner's mother back & told her that we'd take JJ. Of course we were both anxious to see how he'd react to us. Always fearing the worst, I thought he'd be confused, miss his previous owner, & dislike living with us. We decided to go the very next day & get him. JJ's original owner brought him to my partner's mother's house so that he was ready for us when we got there. As soon as I walked through the door, it was as if he'd known me his whole life. As I squatted down, he almost knocked me over licking my face! We decided to take him home right away so he could settle in. He acted as if he lived here his whole life & instantly just wanted to love us. he knew we saved him. & living with depression/anxiety for almost 10 years, I know that he saved me (which he also knows!) he's almost 3 now. & happier than ever. I'm amazed every day at how incredibly smart he is. I'll never stop telling him how he changed my life & how much he's loved.
lincoln, NE